Last Bows At The Drive-In

As the drive-in is largely a bygone era, we are sad to see the departures of those who contributed to those countless hours of joy at the ozoner by appearing before or behind the camera. This page honours the names of those who have passed away since See You At The Drive-In first opened. Where applicable, we've added links to obits posted on this site.

Feb. 4: Tura Satana (actress)
Feb. 3: Maria Schneider (actress)
Jan. 31: Charles E. Sellier Jr. (producer, director)
Jan. 30: John Barry (composer)
Jan. 27: Charlie Callas (actor)
Jan. 20: Bruce Gordon (actor)
Jan. 17: Don Kirshner (composer)
Jan. 15: Susannah York (actress)
Jan. 11: David Nelson (actor, director)
Jan. 9: Peter Yates (director)
Jan. 8: Juan Piquer Simon (writer, director)
Jan. 6: Aron Kincaid (actor)
Jan. 3: Jill Haworth (actress)
Jan. 2: Pete Postlethwaite (actor)
Jan. 2: Anne Francis (actress)
Jan. 1: Verne Langdon (make-up artist)

Dec. 29: Bill Erwin (actor)
Dec. 24: Lee B. Winkler (producer)
Dec. 15: Jean Rollin (director)
Dec. 15: Blake Edwards (writer, director)
Dec. 14: Neva Patterson (actress)
Dec. 5: Don Meredith (actor)
Dec. 5: John Leslie (actor)
Nov. 28: Leslie Nielsen (actor)
Nov. 27: Irvin Kershner (director)
Nov. 23: Ingrid Pitt (actress)
Nov. 10: Dino De Laurentiis (producer)
Nov. 5: Jill Clayburgh (actress)
Oct. 28: James MacArthur (actor)
Oct. 25: Lisa Blount (actress)
Oct. 24: Lamont Johnson (director)
Oct. 23: Don Leifert (actor)
Oct. 19: Tom Bosley (actor)
Oct. 16: Barbara Billingsley (actress)
Oct. 15: Johnny Sheffield (actor)
Oct. 14: Simon MacCorkindale (actor)
Oct. 12: Angelo Infanti (actor)
Oct. 12: Michel Hugo (cinematographer)
Oct. 5: Roy Ward Baker (director)
Oct. 1: William W. Norton (screenwriter)
Oct.: Guido Coen (producer)
Sept. 29: Tony Curtis (actor)
Sept. 28: Arthur Penn (director)
Sept. 27: Sally Menke (editor)
Sept. 26: Gloria Stuart (actress)
Sept. 22: Eddie Fisher (singer, actor)
Sept. 22: Jackie Burroughs (actress)
Sept. 21: John Crawford (actor)
Sept. 11: Kevin McCarthy (actor)
Sept. 11: Harold Gould (actor)
Sept. 8: Rosemary Dexter (actress)
Sept. 6: Clive Donner (director)
Aug. 30: Clyde Ware (screenwriter)
Aug. 19: Ahna Capri (actress)
Aug. 14: Abbey Lincoln (singer, actress)
Aug. 9: George DiCenzo (actor)
Aug. 8: Patricia Neal (actress)
July 31: Tom Mankiewicz (writer)
July 27: Maury Chaykin (actor)
July 16: James Gammon (actor)
July 10: Aldo Sambrell (actor)
July 9: Vonetta McGee (actress)
June 30: Elliott Kastner (producer)
June 27: Corey Allen (actor, director)
June 26: Aldo Guiffre (actor)
June 19: Ursula Thiess (actress)
June 16: Ronald Neame (director)
June 15: Bekim Fehmiu (actor)
June 13: Jimmy Dean (musician, actor)
June 3: Rue McClanahan (actress)
June 1: William Fraker (cinematographer, director)
May 29: Dennis Hopper (actor, director)
May 28: Gary Coleman (actor)
May 6: David E. Durston (director)
May 2: Lynn Redgrave (actress)
Apr. 26: Joseph W. Sarno (director)
Apr. 25: Dorothy Provine (actress)
Apr. 17: Dede Allen (editor)
Apr. 15: Michael Pataki (actor, director)
Apr. 12: Peter Haskell (actor)
Apr. 10: Dixie Carter (actress)
Apr. 7: Christopher Cazenove (actor)
Apr. 1: John Forsythe (actor)
Mar. 28: June Havoc (actress)
Mar. 24: Robert Culp (actor)
Mar. 18: Fess Parker (actor)
Mar. 14: Peter Graves (actor)
Mar. 10: Paul Dunlap (composer)
Mar. 10: Merlin Olsen (actor)
Mar. 9: Corey Haim (actor)
Mar. 5: Charles B. Pierce (director, producer)
Mar. 4: Nan Martin (actress)
Feb. 26: Richard Devon (actor)
Feb. 20: Sandy Kenyon (actress)
Feb. 19: Jamie Gillis (actor)
Feb. 19: Lionel Jeffries (actor, director)
Feb. 7: Bobby A. Suarez (director)
Jan. 30: Ed Ragozzino (director)
Jan. 27: Zelda Rubinstein (actress)
Jan. 25: Emilio Vieyra (director)
Jan. 24: Pernell Roberts (actor)
Jan. 22: Jean Simmons (actress)
Jan. 5: Beverly Aadland (actress)